The idea is that players either beginners or advanced ones may save time by a direct and intuitive access to all further details about the rule: no need to go back through former chats or to browse on many indexes of the site.

In a near future you’ll be able to find here :

- the latest version of the FAQ list.

- official answers to forum topics, entitled to be in the next FAQ list version.

- official answers to others topics that won’t be entitled to be in a FAQ list but that are often risen up (sometimes with different phrasing).

- the referee handbook (when it will be ready).

- possibly and if necessary, official rule modifications while pending a new version of the rulebook.

- eventually, a best-of tactical advices, reorganized after their first issue in the dedicated forum topic.

1. Official Amendements & FAQ list, the latest version

2. Details and additional explanations

a. Presentation

b. Troops

c. Leadership

d. Play sequence

e. Movement

f. Special Movements

g. Rallying

h. Shooting range

i. Melee

j. Rout and pursuit

k. Terrain

l. Setting up

m. Budget

n. Optional rules

o. Army lists

3. Tactical hints or tips

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