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Wargaming rules - Ancient and Medieval - Hervé Caille

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    You will find here information regarding Art de la Guerre events. The main objective is to meet other players, to have fun and exchange with each other. Cheerfulness and friendliness are the essential ingredients to make such an event a real success.

    Tournaments are a pleasant way to confront other players with the thrill that only competition can bring. Tournaments have a formal organization with a pairing system. Ranking is established at the end of each tournament. Everyone can participate, even newcomers.

    The following files will prove very useful if you wish to set up a tournament.


    Organization of tournaments


    List and geolocation of tournaments

    Date City Country Theme Description
    Greenland King of The North Why not join us in York on the 15th &16th October 2022 for the North’s premier ADLG (V4) competition?
    Following on from the success of Bay FoG, Bay’art and this years lockdown busting 3T’s completion in a tent we hope to return bigger and better in 2022. Back to the more usual autumn date and hopefully (fingers crossed) in an indoor venue. Numbers shouldn’t be an issue, but in the event of capacity problems or future COViD restrictions spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
    All armies and allies should be from the Feudal or Late Middle Ages section of the lists. 15mm. 200 points.
    Entries to, lists to be submitted by 15th September 2022, payment and venue details to follow later in the year.
    Stick the date in the diary and fight for the chance to be crowned “King in the North”
    Equal opportunities notice: Wildlings and free folk from north of the wall are especially welcome.
    Best Wishes
    Larkhall Community Centre, 19 Montgomery St, Larkhall ML9 2AA, UK United Kingdom Sgian-Dubh 2022 Advance notice for Sgian-Dubh 2022
    Dates: 16/17th July 2022
    Venue: Larkhall Community Centre, Montgomery Street, Larkhall ML9 2AA
    Scale: 15mm
    Army size: 200AP
    Theme: From the Hegira to Manzikert, 622AD - 1071AD
    All queries to
    19 Rue de Geispolsheim, 67380 Lingolsheim, France France Tournoi de Strasbourg All the news in tournoi de strasbourg

    « Free Greeks» along mediteranean shores, from persians wars to the macedonian "submission".

    Theme : Greek world from 498 BC to 336 BC, ie. from Darius I to Philip II.

    When and where : 5 et et 6 mars 2019 à Lingolsheim (close to Strasbourg)

    How: 15mm, 200pts 5 rounds (see special rule for picking your army list up)
    Burton Town Hall, King Edward Pl, Burton upon Trent, Burton-on-Trent DE14 2EB, UK United Kingdom BADCON Burton Doubles Burton 2022
    Feb 26-27 2022
    The Town Hall Burton upon Trent DE14 2EB
    Art De La Guerre Doubles
    300 points any army 501AD—999AD. £35.00 per team.
    Army list minimums/maximums as per 300 points. for tickets
    Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5BH, UK United Kingdom Beachhead ADLG v4 Tournament Beachhead 2022 – L’art de la Guerre Tournament running alongside the Beachhead Gaming Convention at the Bournemouth International Centre on the 12th and 13th February 2022.
    This is a two day event (three games on Saturday, two on Sunday). Further details on lists and periods TBC.
    Covid-19 regulations may be in effect for this event we will update further when government guidelines for this period are clear.
    Your tournament ticket allows you access to the Beachhead Gaming Show for both Saturday and Sunday.
    Tickets for the event are eligible for a refund on cancellation of the event or for non attendance up to 7 days prior to the show. Cancellations by the participant within a week will not be refunded due to our commitment to terrain, tables and space at the event.
    Any queries or questions regarding the tournament please
    Alicante (Alacant), Alicante, España España TORNEO AKRA LEUKA II ALICANTE EDAD OSCURA/FEUDAL EDAD OSCURA Y FEUDAL Desde 500 d.C. a 1350 d.C.
    Palazzetto Polifunzionale di Soccavo, Via Adriano, 80126 Napoli NA, Italia Italy Napoli - i secoli oscuri Torneo in scala 15mm, formato 200 punti, liste dal 501 al 1049 d.C.
    Per informazioni:
    Magic Maze, Via Francesco Ferrucci, 95/G, 59100 Prato PO, Italia Italy Campionato Italiano a squadre VI edizione VI edizione del campionato italiano a squadre, organizzato da Stefano Salvaderi in quel di Prato, per informazioni:
    Fireforge Games, Via Alvanella, 199, 83024 Monteforte Irpino AV, Italia Italy Avellino 28mm Open 200pt Torneo con modelli in scala 28mm, formato open, liste da 200 punti. Per informazioni:
    Bat Cave, 5c Town Hall St, Ewood, Blackburn BB2 1AG, UK United Kingdom Rise of Rome in The Bat Cave
    Event by Chris Tofalos and ADLG - L'Art de la Guerre Wargaming
    Bat Cave
    Duration: 8 hr 30 min
    Group · Members of ADLG - L'Art de la Guerre Wargaming
    Entries invited for this limited number (up to 12 players) ADLG three-game competition.
    Theme: Rise of Rome - Pyrrhus to the destruction of Carthage, 280 - 146 BC. A 200 point army from any state bordering the Mediterranean and its included seas (Aegean, etc), and excluding the Black Sea.
    Location: The Bat Cave, 5c Town Hall St, Ewood, Blackburn BB2 1AG.
    Entry fee: £15.00 to include a lunch of Pamela's famous chilli or a vegetarian alternative.
    Trophies for first three plus prizes donated by Forged in Battle and WargamersWhims. See less
    Greenland Schiltron 2021 Schiltron, which is the 16th and 17th Of October 2021.

    It is our intention to get back to the traditional March date for Schiltron in 2022.

    All the usual codicils about Covid19 and the fluidity of the situation and potential Government action have to apply, but we are hopeful that prior to October we will have returned to a semblance of normality.

    The details

    Dates and venue: 16th & 17th October 2021 at the Beancross & Newlands Community Centre, Montgomery Street, Grangemouth, Scotland FK3 8QR

    Maximum number of players: As many as want to play, it's a decent sized hall and we've got plenty of tables - as long as current Scottish Government restrictions have been relaxed.
    Number of rounds: 5 games - 3 on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday
    Format: 200 points, single list
    Scale: 15 mm
    Theme: The Dark Ages will remain the theme, and no medieval knights and no elephants allowed and contemporaneous allies only. The actual theme dates will be notified as soon we get a hold of v4.

    Special procedures: Version 4 of the rules, with any FAQs or Amendments issued prior to the dates.
    1st round pairing: No club or family matchups in first 2 rounds, swiss chess thereafter.
    The cost will be £30, which will include lunch and tea/coffee and soft drinks on both days
    Sylvania Heights Community & Youth Club, 288 Box Rd, Sylvania NSW 2224, Australia Australia ADLG Tourament at MOAB, Australia


    Box Rd, Sylvania NSWAUSTRALIA in the Sylvania Heights Community & Youth Hall. Cost $45 plus $5prize support = $50 before 19/9/2021, extra $10 from 19/9/2021. TO AVOIDDISAPPOINTMENT, PLEASE ENTER AS SOON AS YOU CAN AS COVID RESTRICTIONS MEAN THENUMBER OF OVERALL ENTRANTS ALLOWED AT MOAB WILL BE RESTRICTED.

    Registration through




    ADLG Version 4 (if youdon't have a copy of the new rules check with Olympian Games (Aus) or NorthStar (UK)).

    Latest Errata V4 forADLG - currently dated June 2021.




    25mm 200ap, open period,5 rounds over 2 days.

    Historically matchedopponents with armies supplied by organiser, as well as measuring sticks,ambush markers and dice.

    Table size and terrainsize as per 200ap games.

    Preset Terrain. Playersmay move (not remove) 1 piece of terrain. If the army contains a strategist youmay make a 2nd attempt to move the terrain piece if you fail (you may notattempt to move 2 pieces). Any terrain that is moved in a game becomes thestarting point for the next game i.e don't move the terrain back.

    Semi random draw for the1st 3 rounds (the umpire will not pair you with your regular opponent/s). Swisschess pairings will be used thereafter.

    When time is calledplayers stop moving immediately (they can move the unit group IF they havealready started moving it). Remaining pips for that command can only be spenton rallies. Conduct shooting & combat. Fill in score sheet indicating whicharmy was used by each player and how many elements were lost each /the armysize.

    Scoring will be thestandard French system.

    When you & youropponent arrive at a table you both look at the army lists. Choose an ambushtoken (marked A & B) & reveal them simultaneously. If you chosedifferent armies, that is the army you get. If you chose the same army, rolloff to see who gets to choose.

    Roll for the riverdifficulty if your table has one. Roll for initiative, winner choosing whetherto be attacker or defender. Roll to move terrain. Continue the game as per therules.

    Every attempt will bemade to ensure no one plays on the same table twice, however if you are drawnat the same table you automatically get the army you DIDN'T use.

    Once the draw is knownplayers are free to commence games before the official start time by mutualagreement.




    If a bye is requiredvolunteers will be sought in the 1st instant. If no one volunteers it will beawarded to the player on the least points, with the exception that overseas orinterstate players will not get the bye.




    The umpire may call uponother players to assist with umpiring at his discretion.

    Intentional slow play& unsportsmanlike behaviour will be viewed in the poorest possible way bythe umpire. Penalties may include forfeiture of points for that round.

    The umpire's decision isfinal.

    Play fair, play hard, becourteous & enjoy yourselves.


    Organiser Brett Kvisle (

    Umpire: Jason Williams (


    Round times approx

    Round 1 - Sat 9 am -11.30am

    Round 2 - Sat 1pm -3.30pm

    Round 3 - Sat 4pm -6.30pm

    Round 4 - Sun 9am -12pm

    Round 5 - Sun 1pm - 4pm


    Hicks Hall, 60 Bankfield Terrace, Burley, Leeds LS4 2JR, UK United Kingdom Northern League 1 Day event The second round of the Northern League 2021 will be on Sunday 19th September 2021 at:
    Hicks Hall
    60 Bankfield Terrace
    LS4 2JR
    This venue has recently been acquired by Leeds Wargames Club.
    Please arrive at 09:00am for a 09:30 start to the games.
    The rules to be used are L’art de la guerre Fourth Edition 2021.
    This year we’re keeping the themes simple, using the periods in the book.
    The theme for this round is Dark Age and Feudal. Armies must come from one of these sections i.e. Lists numbered 124-229.
    If you would like to play but don’t have a suitable army please get in touch as I will probably be able to lend you one.
    Army Lists should be sent to Mick Hood ( two weeks before the event.
    The venue has tea and coffee making facilities and there are shops/cafes nearby.
    Viale Gabriele D'Annunzio, 68/b 34138 Trieste TS, Italia Italy II° Memorial Barone Claudio Baffo La Macchia
    Mornington Crescent, Mornington Cres, London NW1, UK United Kingdom ADLG v4 tournament at CLWC
    The Rise of Byzantium to the 1st Crusade” ADLG v4 tournament at CLWC
    • Date – Sunday September 12th 2021
    • 20 players (may be extended)
    “Rise of Byzantium to the 1st Crusade " L'Art de la Guerre Tournament at the Central London Wargames Club @ The Escape, Mornington Crescent
    Date – Sunday September 12th 2021
    The event is currently limited to about two dozen or so players at the moment, however this may be extended nearer the time (if everyone is cool with it, including our landlord)
    Standard ADLGv4 rules, 15mm, 200 points, 3 games,
    200point ADLG competition for Sunday September 12th. Theme The Rise of Byzantium to the 1st Crusade: Dark Ages - the West and the Middle East.
    Any army legal in the dateline 500AD to 1049AD, excluding those from any "Asia" or "Far East" section of the lists .
    The tournament starts 900-ish. Each round will be 2 and 1/2 hours plus a bit, and we will break for buffet lunch when it's ready (so there will be a "put down your dice and step away from the measuring sticks" moment probably half way through the second game). We expect to finish at around 6ish. The ideal timings will be
    9:[list=]00 - 11:30 Round 1
    12:00 - 15:00 (allowing a 30 min lunch pause) Round 2.
    When the food arrives, which will be mid-way through the second game, the umpires will call "Down Dice" and everyone will halt their games exactly where they are for about half an hour so we can all have lunch.
    15:30-18:00 Round 3
    18:00ish Prizes[/list] and packing away
    If we find that all games in any round are concluded within the time limit we will try and crack on and start the subsequent rounds a bit earlier so we can all get away sooner.
    The club does have some terrain, but not enough for all of us, so either bring your own or take pot luck on whats left! If you have a playing mat of the correct dimensions that you can bring along it would really help too.
    • [list=]Venue – The Escape Sports Bar, 2 Lidlington Place, Regents Park, London NW1 2JU (2 minutes walk from Mornington Crescent tube). If you want to drive
    , parking is controlled on Sundays in the streets immediately around the pub, but if free a couple of blocks away - otherwise there are car parks nearby as well. Camden Parking can be seen here
    • Entry fee will be £10 on the day which wil cover a BUFFET LUNCH (vegggie options available) and some prizes.
    • The most current set of FAQ and clarifications will be in force.
    • Lists to Mike Bennett by 28th August latest. Late lists will be displayed on the wall throughout the day for all to see.
    • Food and drinks can[/list] be bought on site at the Escape - please do not bring food and drinks unless by prior arangement (and if you really don't like curry let us know).
    For queries contact
    We're looking forward seeing you at the table!
    Museu Militar de Lisboa, R. Museu da Artilharia 51, 1100-366 Lisboa, Portugal Portugal Lusitânia Challenge 2021 Lusitânia Team Challenge - Lisboa - Portugal

    4 players Team Tournament, 1 player per period

    Museu Militar de Lisboa, R. Museu da Artilharia 51, 1100-366 Lisboa, Portugal Portugal Lusitânia Challenge 2021 Lusitânia Team Challenge - Lisboa - Portugal

    4 players Team Tournament, 1 player per period

    Lingolsheim -Bas Rhin France 10e Tournoi de Strasbourg Toutes les infos sur ce lien
    Monteforte Irpino, 83024 Monteforte Irpino AV, Italia Italia ADLG V4 - 15mm - 200pts - Avellino (ITALY) Infopack:
    Via Ermes di Colloredo, 14, 33100 Udine UD, Italia Italy Torneo ADLG "ROMA LA FONDAZIONE DELL’IMPERO (105 BC – 25 BC)"
    Via Ermes di Colloredo, 14, 33100 Udine UD, Italia Italy Torneo ADLG "ROMA LA FONDAZIONE DELL’IMPERO (105 BC – 25 BC)"
    Udine, 33100 Udine UD, Italia Italy UDINE TORNEO "ROMA LA FONDAZIONE DELL’IMPERO (105 BC – 25 BC)"
    Udine, 33100 Udine UD, Italia Italy UDINE TORNEO "ROMA LA FONDAZIONE DELL'IMPERO (105 BC – 25 BC)"
    Bassano del Grappa, 36061 Bassano del Grappa VI, Italia Italia Torneo Bassano del Grappa VI 12-13 Dicembre Torneo di Bassano del Grappa VI - 12-13 Dicembre
    Da Alessandro a Cesare
    Prato, 59100 Prato PO, Italia Italia Prato Team Tournament
    Robin Hood’s Bay YO22 4TG, United Kingdom United Kingdom L Bayart Forum:
    Sala Polivalent Montmeló, Carrer Vial de Ronda, 08160 Montmeló, Barcelona, España Spain VI Torneo Mont Malus AdlG
    Auzielle, France France Frontika Forum EN:
    Forum FR:
    Lisbonne, Portugal Portugal Lusitania Team Challenge 2020 Forum:

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