Art De La Guerre V4

ADLG Version 4.0

Wargaming rules - Ancient and Medieval - Hervé Caille

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    Photo: Thierry Molière

    Statistics 2020-10-26

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    Army Details : Ming Chinese

    This army was used by 11 player(s) in 48 game(s)

    Best ranking is : 2

    Player N°FirstnameLastnameTRN_IDTournamentPRT_RND_IDResultScoreScoreArmy N°Army
    134DanielBALTZINGER25CHAUMONT 20104Victory9119234French Ordonnance
    134DanielBALTZINGER25CHAUMONT 20102Victory9713230Free Company
    134DanielBALTZINGER25CHAUMONT 20103Defeat1892222Medieval Scots
    134DanielBALTZINGER25CHAUMONT 20101Victory9911228Medieval Spanish
    685MicheleD AGOSTINO486PADOVA 20181Draw5858240Golden Horde
    685MicheleD AGOSTINO486PADOVA 20185Defeat2090252Besieged Byzantine
    685MicheleD AGOSTINO486PADOVA 20184Draw4940264Later Samurai
    685MicheleD AGOSTINO486PADOVA 20183Victory8525257Jalayirid
    685MicheleD AGOSTINO486PADOVA 20182Draw4147252Besieged Byzantine
    202ChristopheGOUNEAU393THE WORLD 20173Defeat1991183Feudal German
    202ChristopheGOUNEAU393THE WORLD 20172Victory8426102Parthian
    202ChristopheGOUNEAU393THE WORLD 20176Draw5858181Communal Italian
    202ChristopheGOUNEAU393THE WORLD 20171Defeat1496263Yuan Chinese
    202ChristopheGOUNEAU393THE WORLD 20175Victory8822121Tamil Indian
    202ChristopheGOUNEAU393THE WORLD 20174Victory8525263Yuan Chinese
    1110HENDERSON G.HENDERSON D.392DAN S DOG FIGHT 300pts 2017 (Team)1Defeat2585263Yuan Chinese
    1110HENDERSON G.HENDERSON D.392DAN S DOG FIGHT 300pts 2017 (Team)4Draw4352260Delhi Sultanate
    1110HENDERSON G.HENDERSON D.392DAN S DOG FIGHT 300pts 2017 (Team)3Draw4747226Hundred Years War French
    1110HENDERSON G.HENDERSON D.392DAN S DOG FIGHT 300pts 2017 (Team)2Draw4052238Medieval Hungarian
    1150JeffHERZOG5392018 FALL IN 25MM OPEN2Draw4848109Sassanid Persian
    1150JeffHERZOG5392018 FALL IN 25MM OPEN1Victory892164Achaemenid Persian
    1150JeffHERZOG5392018 FALL IN 25MM OPEN3Defeat23879Assyrian Empire and Sargonid
    275ChristianLABREUILLE140Ballainvilliers médiéval 20132Draw3942232Low Countries
    275ChristianLABREUILLE140Ballainvilliers médiéval 20131Draw4931226Hundred Years War French
    275ChristianLABREUILLE140Ballainvilliers médiéval 20135Defeat1595172Norman or Frankish
    275ChristianLABREUILLE140Ballainvilliers médiéval 20134Defeat1892142Lombard
    275ChristianLABREUILLE140Ballainvilliers médiéval 20133Defeat1397228Medieval Spanish
    884GlenNOONAN372MELEE 2017 - Western Sydney Comp1Defeat278355Carthaginian
    884GlenNOONAN372MELEE 2017 - Western Sydney Comp4Defeat298186Late Imperial Roman
    884GlenNOONAN372MELEE 2017 - Western Sydney Comp3Defeat1991179Scots Isles and Highlanders
    884GlenNOONAN372MELEE 2017 - Western Sydney Comp2Draw534142Seleucid
    1164LuisRODRIGUES550TEMATICO MEDIEVAL 20193Victory9020196Berber
    1164LuisRODRIGUES550TEMATICO MEDIEVAL 20192Defeat1595235Burgundian Ordonnance
    1164LuisRODRIGUES550TEMATICO MEDIEVAL 20191Draw5240238Medieval Hungarian
    428PhillipeSEBERAC153SN 2014 - Poule 41Defeat1694167Khmer Empire and Champa
    428PhillipeSEBERAC153SN 2014 - Poule 45Draw4144278Mapuche
    428PhillipeSEBERAC153SN 2014 - Poule 44Draw3844262Siam
    428PhillipeSEBERAC153SN 2014 - Poule 43Victory9812210Samurai
    428PhillipeSEBERAC153SN 2014 - Poule 42Victory9614212Koryo Korean
    803AdrianSTEER525NORTHERN LEAGUE 2018 ROUND 51Defeat238779Classical Indian
    803AdrianSTEER525NORTHERN LEAGUE 2018 ROUND 53Victory8426234French Ordonnance
    803AdrianSTEER525NORTHERN LEAGUE 2018 ROUND 52Victory902042Seleucid
    719PabloSUAREZ654ROMA 20202Victory9016263Yuan Chinese
    719PabloSUAREZ654ROMA 20206Victory8450165Sui and Tang Chinese
    719PabloSUAREZ654ROMA 20201Victory8724263Yuan Chinese
    719PabloSUAREZ654ROMA 20205Defeat1722210Samurai
    719PabloSUAREZ654ROMA 20204Victory8816210Samurai
    719PabloSUAREZ654ROMA 20203Defeat2324164Hindu Indian