Art De La Guerre

ADLG Version 3.0

Wargaming rules - Ancient and Medieval - Hervé Caille

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    Photo: Thierry Molière

    Statistics 2020-03-01

    The statistics section contains the results of all Art de la Guerre games played during a tournament or an official game. It allows to consult players’ results and armies’ results. Each player has an ELO ranking and a championship ranking (refer to the document about tournament organisation).

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    Army Details : Nubian

    This army was used by 5 player(s) in 21 game(s)

    Best ranking is : 1

    Player N°FirstnameLastnameTRN_IDTournamentPRT_RND_IDResultScoreScoreArmy N°Army
    494PhilHACKNEY202Alcoy 20151Draw404664Achaemenid Persian
    494PhilHACKNEY202Alcoy 20152Draw3743184Komnenan Byzantine
    494PhilHACKNEY202Alcoy 20153Defeat1892251Ottoman Empire
    494PhilHACKNEY202Alcoy 201540480Variable
    494PhilHACKNEY202Alcoy 201550130Variable
    1309PaulJOHNSTON592SGIAN DUBH 20191Victory922530Mycenaean
    1309PaulJOHNSTON592SGIAN DUBH 20192Victory89187Assyrian
    1309PaulJOHNSTON592SGIAN DUBH 20193Defeat242617Ancient Bedouin
    1309PaulJOHNSTON592SGIAN DUBH 20194Defeat26278Neo-Babylonian
    1309PaulJOHNSTON592SGIAN DUBH 20195Victory822124Sea Peoples
    566JulianLOPEZ609LUSTANIA ANTIQUE CHALLENGE 20191Victory901817Ancient Bedouin
    566JulianLOPEZ609LUSTANIA ANTIQUE CHALLENGE 20192Victory87169Assyrian Empire and Sargonid
    566JulianLOPEZ609LUSTANIA ANTIQUE CHALLENGE 20193Victory891737Spring and Autumn Chinese
    566JulianLOPEZ609LUSTANIA ANTIQUE CHALLENGE 20194Defeat24157Assyrian
    566JulianLOPEZ609LUSTANIA ANTIQUE CHALLENGE 20195Defeat27158Neo-Babylonian
    1035JohnMCINTOSH418NORTHERN LEAGUE 2017 - Round 51Defeat298179Classical Indian
    1035JohnMCINTOSH418NORTHERN LEAGUE 2017 - Round 52Defeat2387226Hundred Years War French
    1035JohnMCINTOSH418NORTHERN LEAGUE 2017 - Round 53Draw585821Hurri-Mitanni
    654KevinSWANSON305KozCon 20161Victory941680Warring States
    654KevinSWANSON305KozCon 20162Victory822819Oman and Gulf States
    654KevinSWANSON305KozCon 20163Victory8129210Samurai