Art De La Guerre V4

ADLG Version 4.0

Wargaming rules - Ancient and Medieval - Hervé Caille

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    Photo: Thierry Molière

    Statistics 2021-10-11

    The statistics section contains the results of all Art de la Guerre games played during a tournament or an official game. It allows to consult players’ results and armies’ results. Each player has an ELO ranking and a championship ranking (refer to the document about tournament organisation).

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    Army Details : Sumerian Successor

    This army was used by 10 player(s) in 51 game(s)

    Best ranking is : 1

    Player N°FirstnameLastnameTRN_IDTournamentPRT_RND_IDResultScoreScoreArmy N°Army
    1221Ex-player1221544TRADESTON FESTIVE ONE DAYER 20183Draw585879Classical Indian
    1221Ex-player1221544TRADESTON FESTIVE ONE DAYER 20182Victory882241Early Successors
    1221Ex-player1221544TRADESTON FESTIVE ONE DAYER 20181Defeat1793232Medieval Scots
    1079ScottALLEN6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY4Defeat24227Assyrian
    1079ScottALLEN6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY3Defeat202124Sea Peoples
    1079ScottALLEN6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY2Defeat252224Sea Peoples
    1079ScottALLEN6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY1Victory921722Syria, Canaan and Ugarit
    1079ScottALLEN6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY5Victory87020Hittite
    823MarkCRIBBS585NJCON 2019 BIBLICAL2Victory951516Kushite Egyptian
    823MarkCRIBBS585NJCON 2019 BIBLICAL1Victory84269Assyrian Empire and Sargonid
    823MarkCRIBBS585NJCON 2019 BIBLICAL3Defeat27832Sumerian Successor
    653TomHAZLETT585NJCON 2019 BIBLICAL3Victory83272Sumerian Successor
    653TomHAZLETT585NJCON 2019 BIBLICAL2Victory87239Assyrian Empire and Sargonid
    653TomHAZLETT585NJCON 2019 BIBLICAL1Victory852530Mycenaean
    653TomHAZLETT5982019 HISTORICON 15MM OPEN2Defeat241840Alexander the Great
    653TomHAZLETT5982019 HISTORICON 15MM OPEN1Defeat23019Oman and Gulf States
    653TomHAZLETT5982019 HISTORICON 15MM OPEN3Victory8823235Condottieri
    630ChrisJOHNSTON6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY2Victory822220Hittite
    630ChrisJOHNSTON6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY1Victory831724Sea Peoples
    630ChrisJOHNSTON6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY5Defeat2607Assyrian
    630ChrisJOHNSTON6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY4Victory932215Libyan Egyptian
    630ChrisJOHNSTON6452019 NEW ORLEANS HOLIDAY3Defeat162124Sea Peoples
    473BrunoLEVILLAYER194Loudéac 20153Defeat1199109Sassanid Persian
    473BrunoLEVILLAYER194Loudéac 20151Victory971395Ostrogoth
    473BrunoLEVILLAYER194Loudéac 20154Defeat179380Warring States
    473BrunoLEVILLAYER194Loudéac 20155Defeat169420Hittite
    473BrunoLEVILLAYER194Loudéac 20152Defeat139788Patrician Roman
    643HiltonMCMANUS410GISCLAIR MEMORIAL 20173Draw5047235Condottieri
    643HiltonMCMANUS410GISCLAIR MEMORIAL 20172Victory9020116Han Chinese
    643HiltonMCMANUS410GISCLAIR MEMORIAL 20171Draw4848229Mongol Empire
    643HiltonMCMANUS428NEW ORLEANS BIBLICAL 20173Defeat238713Hyksos
    643HiltonMCMANUS428NEW ORLEANS BIBLICAL 20172Draw415017Ancient Bedouin
    643HiltonMCMANUS428NEW ORLEANS BIBLICAL 20171Victory84261Sumer and Akkad
    635JamieSETZE543NEW ORLEANS BIBLICAL 20181Victory84267Assyrian
    635JamieSETZE543NEW ORLEANS BIBLICAL 20185Defeat248623Ancient Hebrew
    635JamieSETZE543NEW ORLEANS BIBLICAL 20184Draw484817Ancient Bedouin
    635JamieSETZE543NEW ORLEANS BIBLICAL 20183Defeat20907Assyrian
    635JamieSETZE543NEW ORLEANS BIBLICAL 20182Victory822814New Kingdom Egyptian
    694RichardWOLFORD313FALL IN 15mm Open 20161Victory842619Oman and Gulf States
    694RichardWOLFORD313FALL IN 15mm Open 20163Defeat159591German
    694RichardWOLFORD313FALL IN 15mm Open 20162Victory9515125Maurikian Byzantine
    694RichardWOLFORD383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I2Defeat288237Zhou and Spring and Autumn Chinese
    694RichardWOLFORD383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I1Victory822819Oman and Gulf States
    694RichardWOLFORD383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I5Victory87238Neo-Babylonian
    694RichardWOLFORD383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I4Victory892123Ancient Hebrew
    694RichardWOLFORD383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I3Defeat268415Libyan Egyptian
    1075TomZIMMERMAN383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I3Draw494332Phoenicians of Cyprus
    1075TomZIMMERMAN383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I2Draw56357Assyrian
    1075TomZIMMERMAN383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I1Draw44478Neo-Babylonian
    1075TomZIMMERMAN383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I5Defeat238737Zhou and Spring and Autumn Chinese
    1075TomZIMMERMAN383MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - I4Draw444730Mycenaean