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Wargaming rules - Ancient and Medieval - Hervé Caille

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    Statistics 2020-03-01

    The statistics section contains the results of all Art de la Guerre games played during a tournament or an official game. It allows to consult players’ results and armies’ results. Each player has an ELO ranking and a championship ranking (refer to the document about tournament organisation).

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    Event Details : Trophée du Hainaut 2012 ( Belgium) - Ancient period


    RankingScoreChampionshipPlayer N°FirstnameLastnameArmy N°ArmyARM_IDSArmy/Armies
    1427138.00196BorisELOY96Franks, Alemanni, Burgundi, Suevi96
  • Franks, Alemanni, Burgundi, Suevi
  • 2423117.00140EtienneMISSON109Sassanid Persian109
  • Sassanid Persian
  • 3402100.00183PhilippeDUTHIL9Assyrian Empire and Sargonid9
  • Assyrian Empire and Sargonid
  • 434985.00258AdrienBLAIN82Triumvirate Roman82
  • Triumvirate Roman
  • 534572.00283PatrickTAHON87Patrician Roman87
  • Patrician Roman
  • 630861.00236LaurentMEZIANI42Seleucid42
  • Seleucid
  • 727952.00141JeanMATAGNE40Alexander the Great40
  • Alexander the Great
  • 827844.00304StéphanePLOUCHART99Caledonian, Irish, Scots and Pictish99
  • Caledonian, Irish, Scots and Pictish
  • 924137.00285ThibaultRENIER84Early Imperial Roman84
  • Early Imperial Roman
  • 1024132.00301SamuelLOUVION14New Kingdom Egyptian14
  • New Kingdom Egyptian
  • 1118627.00324CarolineKUBAT40Alexander the Great40
  • Alexander the Great
  • 1217923.00267FrançoisSCHERRER122Three Kingdoms Korean122
  • Three Kingdoms Korean
  • 1314219.00282MathieuTAHON70Bosporan Kingdom70
  • Bosporan Kingdom
  • 1414117.00325MichelSAUVAGE96Franks, Alemanni, Burgundi, Suevi96
  • Franks, Alemanni, Burgundi, Suevi
  • 1513214.00150RenaudVAN LEESRBERGH55Carthaginian55
  • Carthaginian
  • 1612812.00142Jean-louisMAISTRIAUX60Classical Greek60
  • Classical Greek
  • 179510.0099IMPAIR71Armenian71
  • Armenian