Art De La Guerre

ADLG Version 3.0

Juego de guerra con figuras - Antigüedad y Edad Media - Hervé Caille

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    The idea is that players either beginners or advanced ones may save time by a direct and intuitive access to all further details about the rule: no need to go back through former chats or to browse on many indexes of the site.

    In a near future you’ll be able to find here :

    • the latest version of the FAQ list.
    • official answers to forum topics, entitled to be in the next FAQ list version.
    • official answers to others topics that won’t be entitled to be in a FAQ list but that are often risen up (sometimes with different phrasing).
    • the referee handbook (when it will be ready).
    • possibly and if necessary, official rule modifications while pending a new version of the rulebook.
    • eventually, a best-of tactical advices, reorganized after their first issue in the dedicated forum topic.


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